There is a wuji sort of asana in yoga called tadasana (mountain pose). Its purpose is like wuji standing in some respects as far as I can tell – to help quiet the mind. They both are about balancing “heaven” and “earth” energy. That similarity leaves off in zhan zhuang practice that is more about mind-body unity and whole body power and in the yiquan approach, starting to get into shi li.

Nevertheless, I try to keep that zhan zhuang feeling as much as possible in these weird postures. That makes me a little more motivated to keep up some yoga. Usually that gets me thinking how the bjj folks (i.e., Rickson Gracie, aka god of the Gracies) supposedly have a history of doing yoga. Being (becoming) relaxed, flexible, strong and ready to move fluidly in/from any of these awkward positions is somewhat overlapping. Usually I’m not having fun doing this. I’m thinking “this is good for me and feels pretty good” or “this feels lousy, geez my flexibility and strength suck”. But it does raise a little more interest in going to bjj or focusing more on ne waza in judo. That surprises me a bit. Usually I feel like “yeah I should do that” but I’m really not so interested. Maybe this feeling will grow or maybe it’s just a silly wandering thought from boredom-induced illusion. Then again idle daydreaming can turn into a fantasy of success that turns into a goal and then you really have some motivation and start taking action. Some tiny bud of an idea blooms. Keeps the shen raised.