See this great article on his recent yiquan revelation.

It’s like, you know when you’ve got a little gyroscope really, really going fast, and you cup that in your hand and it doesn’t exactly move you externally but you can feel the coolest, smoothest feeling of whirling power from within it. Now imagine every body organ, every joint, and every bone and muscle are functioning as supernaturally spun-up gyroscopes. That’s the idea!

Ok has this cat been reading my humble post about throws and gyroscopes? I highly doubt it. Whoever this illustrious, mysterious Tabby Cat is, he seems to have 100,000x more experience than I do, and with top folks, so it’s interesting and encouraging he says this. I was just thinking theoretically. I am just re-beginning experimentation with standing and can’t feel hunyuanli or anything close to whirling. I am encouraged to be possibly on the right track. Now, however, if he can’t take that feeling and link it up with his sparring, well, my hope of even getting close has probably diminished a bit. Still, maybe the gyroscopic effect would apply more in sparring that is throws-only, rather than boxing? Well I am encouraged and discouraged at the same time I suppose. I’ll be reading his next post when he gets back from his next intensive with Yao for clues to make better progress.