I never really knew (and still don’t) what “anabolic” means – as in anabolic steroids – but I was reading about sleep and wikipedia said something about it aiding anabolic processes. Something about building up (say, muscle) cells. It also said anabolic “stuff” is aided by catabolic stuff. I guess that refers to things like tearing down muscle cells through training.

So this thing about exercising more and sleeping better – probably a lot to that. I guess bodybuilders already take a lot of advantage of these findings by doing things like only eating fat at night (some other good benefit of fat helping out when sleep is helping out with all that good stuff). I have found it hard to execute on all these good habits but will see if I can incorporate it all at least for short bursts – nutrition, nutrition timing, and so on. Too bad the bodybuilders don’t cover how/when to add in qigong. I’ll have to check if they talk about yoga or something. Yeah they do.