This is a really nice uchimata, but for judo only. The problem is that I’m not just interested in judo for its own sake. I’m also interested in it for what it brings to fuller mma and self-defense and cross-training in general. In the video, the guy hits his own head on the mat. Could be quite bad for self defense. He ends up on the bottom though he could’ve avoided it. That part is immaterial in this match as it was over. None of this did much from an mma perspective but arguably he could have kept control into the ground if he wanted. Arguably any fighter with this excellent background would also just adapt it under different rules or conditions though that isn’t really uniformly proven in mma … yet. And who knows how takedowns and throws are scored in mma with the outdated 10 point must from boxing. Throws should be high imo. Sometimes I wish the judo rules required 3 points instead of one. I notice some people will play that way for fun in randori. Anyway it’s still just a great uchimata. Wish I could do such a strong uchimata.