More ideas from talking with my friend who trains a different internal/external mix.

1. if they are too tentative to reach, enter and press their arm on their body fast.

2. if they grip one arm or sleeve, roll back with their lapel grip attempt – must be just out of reach to “entice into emptiness”, bring their other arm back across their body almost at the same time or right after the roll back

variation: pretend to fight the grip, go down and around and control their forearm with my forearm. this can include an armbar before the real attack. that is key for me – if I am thinking “pretend to fight the grip” that’ll help me remember not to get caught up in the gripfighting and progress forward to an entry.

3. if their arm is lower and reaching, slap it down with forearm and behind their body and grab their waist – from mike patterson video mentioned in earlier basic sweep post

4. if their arm is higher and reaching, ward off upward while stepping in to their rear outer diagonal and circle their arm overhead and behind them, grab their waist or belt. very aikido like circle, taiji sort of sticking.

5. if their arm is same level and reaching, horizontal roll-back and/or pull-down motion, sweep a la human weapon sambo episode with collarbone grab. of course pull-down could lead all the way down – better except for judo rules

variation: conventional diagonal flying

another variation: block slightly up and out with mirror arm, bring other arm crossed under to do pull-down to arm bar start, do conventional diagonal flying.

Footwork – step around on outside to toe-in, sometimes sweep may apply, usually prop thigh behind their back thigh and knee should be fine. even one toe behind heel should work. that is where I envision press.

Hmm. Still to do. Review the earlier video examples I noted to think about it more. I can’t remember what other variations there must have been. Look up aikido examples. These will probably show more overt energy provided by uke but I’m sure the techniques are almost the same.