One main lesson I’ve had from judo lately has been the need for sudden explosiveness, even in a feint. Well, that makes me think I need to work plyometrics and darn it I’m a bit lazy to do it. Zhan zhuang does seem to help in the sense of relaxing and getting every part of the whole body ready to fire in one direction from a relaxed state (can’t move well or detect someone else’s movement from a tense state). I think I need to work the “waigong”, though. Get a little extra strength so something is in reserve. That seems contrary to a “softness” ideal but seems necessary. I’m sure I can get “softer” with more skill but the ratio of strength to skill starts with more weight on the former. 4 lbs before 4 oz, and 40 lbs before 4 lbs.

There is a problem with (my) judo in that you have to create movement sometimes then explode with your move. It doesn’t feel as subtle as it could like when the higher level belts seem to use some slight movement of mine – I think push hands (and more judo) is a remedy to get “softer”. I need to feel and use a smaller amount of the person’s energy. I am resisting way too much in gripfighting, then in the other extreme, capitalizing way too slow when an opportunity opens. I’m having this problem but compounded in groundfighting where there is tighter space to work with and sometimes the only way out of a jam one shouldn’t have gotten into is a sudden explosive movement when you’re already worn out from inefficient struggling (and aversion to some extra conditioning!).