There have been a lot of articles in the past few years on whole body vibration, where people just stand on a vibrating platform or do exercises on the platform. Below are a few links:
LeBron James Workout includes squats on a vibrating platform
Soloflex offers a consumer platform
Criticism of Soloflex version

Many articles mention that scientists do not know how people get the results. Hmm. A modern training method that would be great to learn more about and experiment with. A lot of the pro sports teams have started it. Maybe zhan zhuang on the platform could have even more benefits? Maybe the benefits from the platform are actually similar to those from zhan zhuang? Maybe they are totally contradictory? It seems that the muscles have to fire off subtly against the vibrations to maintain balance. Couldn’t be a bad thing to try it. I need to somehow find someone or somewhere with one of these machines.