Sambo episode is coming on. It will have a fighter picked by Fedor to fight one of the guys. Cool… spoiler warning… don’t read further if you haven’t seen it…








First move they show, sort of roll-back to a sweep, aided by pulling on the collarbone. Nice. A self defense move.

Warm-ups: lots of rolls, “hindu pushups” from a full handstand start, other stuff meant to make you dizzy.

First submission: “calf crush”. Definitely not in judo or IMA.

Basketbrawl! Sort of basketball with some grappling thrown in.

Then some gymnastic tumbling.

Next throw: overhand with some armbar built-in to lapel grip to scissor kick. Easily a no gi technique as well.

“Two minutes of heaven” – four guys apply locks on all four limbs plus legs choking you. D’oh!

Next throw – hip throw with over the back grip. Sort of seoi nage yet even tighter grip. Gotta try that asap. Good to try against someone leaning forward.

More training in the woods. throws – seoi nage, inside out seoi nage, knife defense turning on inside to pick up leg while facing away.

Awesome 100 lb log drills

Horrible irony of the sambo creator. Brought judo back, mixed with local arts, then the people he trained imprisoned him. Finally he was shot to death in a “gulag”. Ugh.

Oddly, Fedor supposedly picks a relatively green fighter that Bill shuts out 9-0.

Great episode. Maybe the best one.