I had an accidental combo in judo that was basically single leg to the footwork for kouchi gari, but I was too far away to do that and my partner was pulling me down so I was a little off balance too. I somehow spun around to a sort of diagonal flying “peng” with my right arm with the kouchi sweeping from my left foot. It was a “split” energy. Sort of a backwards kouchi gari or a weird reverse diagonal flying with the wrong leg on the wrong side blocking one foot. The thing is, it was so unexpected and yet it still worked even by accident, so I’m thinking I can work it on purpose now. It should be still so unexpected by my partners or opponents that I think I can pull it off and make it a favorite. Doesn’t even matter if the first two parts work or not. I’m sure someone has done this before but I feel as if I’ve created my own weird throw. At least I’ve come across a combination that I’ll enjoy working. And it feels very much like a mix of things I’ve learned by cross training internal and soft. That is surely a hint of much more possibility.

Some other combos I want to try after thinking about the above and watching the Sambo episode.

  • Fake seoi nage entry or
  • work off a leaning forward attacker to the over the back grip hip throw.
  • Roll back/pull down to sweep, or
  • roll back/pull down to inside out seoi nage.
  • Or from same position, fake inside out seoi, arm bar slightly with the overhand grip to obi otoshi. Obi otoshi is basically the closest thing in judo to the diagonal flying I wanted to work. I had thought it was tani otoshi but obi (grab the belt, ward off with the other arm) is closer.
  • Or perhaps then change it to an ouchi gari.
  • Or hip throw from outside the arm, or
  • maybe uchi mata.

Not bad. Only a few basic throws needed for any of the combos I want to attempt. The funny thing about combinations is it’s in a way more complicated but in a way much easier.