I got my planned 2 yoga sessions in for the week already. Woo hoo. Unfortunately the second session was amazingly boring. I can barely do some yoga poses, I’m not really looking for some kind of hard aerobicized workout in yoga and I understand that’s not really supposed to be the point of asanas, but I find if the session is more physically challenging, I seem to clear my mind and get more mind/body unity happening. Otherwise my mind wanders too much. The balance poses are more fun since I can more easily see and try some overlap with zhan zhuang. I have done a little standing, will do 1-2 judo classes, but have barely done any resistance or cardio. That last part is still gonna be the tough part to get in. Maybe get the kids to do some kind of obstacle course. They can get into that sometimes. I’m doing better even with nutrition than I am with cardio. Lately I’ve been drinking more green tea than coffee. That simple substitution gives me multiple benefits: the antioxidants and whatever else is all that good stuff scientists are still figuring out, plus less caffeine, and for me, no sugar, cream, or fake cream stuff.