In the interest of variety and well-rounded training, I think I’d like my new plan to be:

  • zhan zhuang a few minutes a day, every day. work up til I can do 45 minutes at a time a few times a week. add shi li and moca bu over time. do a small amount of form now, and add back more form work later when I feel the “internals” are more correct and “powerful”.
  • resistance training – body weight exercises – 2x a week with decent intensity in a circuit for some cardio incorporated – vary as much as possible – more times a week at lower intensity whenever the mood strikes
  • judo 2x a week
  • yoga 2x a week.
  • cardio? I don’t really enjoy cardio but I think I need to add a little running and biking a few times a week. Maybe play soccer once a week.

That ought to be enough for the casual amateur to go beyond the dangerous weekend warrior level of (in)activity. My goal for now is to keep that up for a few months and log it to see how much I can stick to plan. If I can stick to 80% of that, who knows what I’ll change or add. That should be the most consistent exercise I’ve had in many years. I suppose I’ll add more intensity or change the cardio to more sports. Cardio is so boring. I just can’t enjoy it. I seem to have lost my patience for it. I used to tolerate the treadmill ok. I also don’t have convenient access to a decent running surface that doesn’t bang up the joints. I’ve got to find some other enjoyable or at least tolerable way to add more cardio. I wish I knew how to play basketball. That looks like great exercise and great fun. Well I never knew I could actually enjoy standing so who knows what might be possible.