I had a friend look at my posture while I did zhan zhuang. I think my posture is off a little, most likely due to spine issues. Having been to the chiropractor, getting x-rays, etc., I know some of my spine curve is not right. Probably resulted from bad habits sitting at a computer most of the day. So my zhan zhuang from at least an external postural perspective is likely a bit off due to anatomical problems. I am a bit concerned on the one hand that I could reinforce these problems because the bad posture feels very good and right. On the other hand I don’t want to “force” myself too hard all at once to try to “correct” imbalances. I don’t have access to a qualified teacher who also happens to be a spine expert so I plan to do some of the rehab the chiropractor and PT recommended and slowly see if I can adjust my standing posture once the spine issues are better. For now I’ll have to do it wrong even though it seems mostly right, especially “internally”.