This post contains a translation of an article by Yao Chengrong with very clear instructions on basic zhan zhuang. These instructions are extremely easy to follow, though it’s a very different activity to try to do at first. The idea that perfect stillness is not really it due to being stiff also helps me. After trying this practice in earnest for about 3 weeks, I think I am starting to internalize all the instructions to where the visualizations are not really needed. I feel the same feeling they produce in any case without imagining any specific visualization. Still, every different visualization I come across helps me to check if the feeling seems right. My next step is to try to do shi li in 6 directions – up, down, left, right, back, front, while keeping this overall feeling. I think I can slowly add that. I tend to wonder what happens eventually? Is it like cardio or resistance where you use it or lose it? Or are you doing this pretty much automatically whenever you’re standing – wouldn’t that mean you don’t have to set aside time to practice it? You can work on shi li, tuishou, sparring, etc. more or most of the time?