A little tiny more success, this time seen in a more real martial context – judo randori – rather than something like golf with whiffle balls where I’m stretching to see some evidence of progress. I think I’ve been mainly doing zhan zhuang as much as I can for about 10 days now and pretty much nothing else. Very little form, push hands, weights, or other exercises. And paradoxically, just as they say, by working on relative non-movement, my movement seems to be improving. In judo, two of my senseis commented my movement looked good. I didn’t tell them it’s because I’ve been practicing so much non-movement and almost-movement. But I really think just a few minutes at a time is having some small payoff already. Wow. Hard to believe and maybe it’s my brain being too eager to see some success… I need to see some more progress and that is going to fuel this strange renewed and really, brand new, interest… The relative non-movement seems to impart improved proprioception. Nevermind qi discussion for the moment. This sense already seems to be somewhat of a balance of the “internal” and “external” in some way – In body tissue, the body’s awareness of position, posture, movement and changes in equilibrium. (http://miami-massage-therapy.com/massage_glossary.html)