What an amazing move. Total pwnage as the kids say. Now even though I say it’s offtopic, apparently I think it has something to do with internal ma. What could it be? I think I know. If I think of Marta’s brilliant, creative, spontaneous move as an “application”, I’m guessing she didn’t practice that “application” 1000 times with those 2 defenders and goalie in just those locations, receiving that particular sort of pass, etc. No, it must have arisen spontaneously in that situation due to endless practice of component pieces: timing, angles, sudden directional changes, juggling skills, awareness of her position in space, the others’ positions, subtle feints, fine control of the ball in that space, power, etc. under both no resistance and full resistance conditions (especially in very tight spaces), plus a little luck. Brilliant. The defenders’ “centers” are controlled – “set” by her feinting motions so she can do what she chooses. The 2nd defender is even “uprooted” without Marta even touching her. I think we all want that same ability. The “beautiful game”. Constant flow. The zone. Doesn’t matter if it’s football/soccer, some other sport, or internal or external martial arts.