Some interesting discussion happening on Formosa Neijia in the past day. I posted comment #8 but I’ll jot some thoughts down here. I don’t think cultivating qi is incompatible with only using yi when training forms or sparring, etc. They are separate parts of training. When fighting or doing sports there is no time to think about qi or energy systems or whatever. One has to react, be in the moment, etc. However, at other times when training, one is “cultivating” “qi” or the “energy system” through various means like cardio training, zhan zhuang, and what you eat. Not all the same thing, of course, and I happen to prefer neigong to cardio most of the time, but I think one needs to take a holistic view and do all of the above. This is all pretty much analogous to the weird spinning figure below. My clockwise bias is my preference for neigong, but I can see the counter clockwise movement and get something out of cardio and other waigong. I’m not exactly sure what % of each I should be doing, though. I suspect “let your body be your guide” and “don’t overdo it” are the main useful rules. I do know with much more certainty that my nutrition must be my weakest link and is not helping any of my “systems” out at the moment. Ugh.