You would think golf should be easier than fighting. There is no one trying to hit, throw, grapple, submit, choke, etc. you, and you don’t need to be ready to move in any direction at fast speed. The ball isn’t even moving. It should be easier to relax and enjoy it. Of course it’s not that simple, but since I’m obsessed with zhan zhuang (and soon, shili) at the moment, I figure hitting a few golf balls should be a good subjective gauge of whether it’s working (whole body power, relaxation, letting upper and lower synchronize, letting gravity do much of the work, etc.). I went in the yard with the kids and hit a few practice balls and a few weeds. Hmm, it did seem to be working if only due to better concentration and not mind-body unity or whole body power. It also gave me a nice theory and vocabulary to explain what happened when things would go obviously wrong and everything felt disconnected and “clumsy”. I mainly focused my intent on shifting weight from back foot to front foot. In particular I was concentrating on letting my front foot “sink” as “forcefully” as possible while letting gravity do most of the work for my swing. No independent arm muscle in favor of using connected upper and lower for “whole body power”. Who knows if this will really help but so far so good and doesn’t require tui shou or sparring partners. Of course, now I need a few golf buddies and more time and money than I really have but a new unrelated obsession seems to be growing out of my zhan zhuang obsession. It makes sense in a way if zhan zhuang is supposed to help with general body-use attributes. I’ll try it with bowling next as that is theoretically harder because of  “moving steps” rather than just fixed step shifting.