Well I’ve been pretty much obsessed with zhan zhuang for about 5 days now. My shoulders are getting pretty tired from trying it all day long (for a few minutes at a time) every day. I guess it is strangely addictive. I haven’t quite reached a total feeling where it is just relaxing and comfortable but I do get a little bit of that feeling. I did seem to be more relaxed and effective in judo the other night, too, just by being able to relax faster under conscious control – almost instantly – and then remembering to move the whole body (one part moves, all parts move, etc.). Unfortunately we only got to do kata and not randori, but it was new kata, and included counters and counter-counters, so lots of chances to practice this kind of body use feeling while doing mostly new movements. Can kind of see how relative “non movement” does, paradoxically, help with movement – and fairly complex movements I’d never done before, or at least not in the particular order.