My friend from taijiquan class who is cross training baguazhang just helped me with the diagonal flying move, especially when we’re doing this t-rex gripfighting thing in the judo context. Instead of trying to draw out one arm in a sort of roll-back to pull down like I have wanted to do, THEN do the diagonal flying, he just reached out, wedged in his arm over mine with a nice whole-body peng feeling and fit the diagonal flying right in all in one smooth motion. I keep trying to do it very broken up in 2 or 3 steps. I have already been able to work it into judo albeit not very smoothly. This insight should help me get it working really nicely and not futz around with gripping. I think there is potential to fit in Press as well by trapping one arm while moving forward. Well I guess the move is really a Press or a Split depending on the energy from the other hand. This video is great and the first part shows variations of a similar baguazhang move:

I think for now, I’ll try to focus on this move again with Press as a secondary move. I’m putting uchi mata and shoulder on hold.