I and probably every other MMA fan often wonder why Fedor is such a cut above every other elite fighter in MMA. I think many observers think he in his own league, like a Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods or Roger Federer. How is that possible? Certainly Big Nog, Cro Cop, and others are excellent world-class fighters, yet they don’t even seem close in skill and talent compared to Fedor. A few observations on areas where he seems peerless:

1. relaxation. he appears very relaxed compared to everyone else. at a distance his hands are down and he has no visible tension. even doing ground and pound with great speed he doesn’t seem tense.

2. his mma is truly MIXED martial arts. The other fighters appear to “fight in a box” with little transition between discrete styles. One moment they are in “boxing mode”, another moment they are in “clinch mode”, then they are in “BJJ mode”. Fedor is called a cyborg, yet only Fedor seems to never be in a robotic style box as if he were a robot who changes up the system at a certain range. His strikes flow right into throws which flow right into ground and pound or submissions or if he misses a throw he flows right back into more strikes, all seemingly effortlessly with that same blank expression he wears. He is never “in a style box”. The other elite fighters seem to have “flow” within each discrete style but not between them. Fedor is constantly fluid.

3. early “mixed” experience – could it be that all of his Judo and Combat Sambo experience from early years accounts for this superior flow from range to range?

4. strategy. the commentators usually mention how he adapts to each opponent. the same comment is made about couture, but the above points, especially #2, just don’t seem to apply to couture or other top guys the same way as with fedor.

I suppose there really is no explanation. As far as I can tell, no one can really explain how or why Jordan or Tiger or Federer is so much better than the competition. Is dazzling virtuosity explainable or even understandable by the rest of us?