I have a tape in which Luo De Xiu and Tim Cartmell demonstrate a bagua throw that looks in part like a rollback + uchi mata, but with a nicer entry that has that characteristic “winding” of baguazhang. Uchi mata – an inner thigh throw – can be seen here or in competition here. Also check out top-ranked mma fighter Karo Parysian show how to apply uchi mata in mma from the clinch.

Notice the entry isn’t shown in the animation and the hands are basically gripping the lapels tightly. It is hard to see the entry in the competition video but it looks like a push then pull to create some momentum so “force can be borrowed”. Karo’s example starts from a basic takedown from his opponent.

Now imagine the entry is a rollback so the left hand catches your partner’s right hand (“sticky” tiger’s mouth) and your right hand is rolling back the neck (but could be a lapel, especially behind the neck grip). Cross step with your left leg behind your right, then do the lift with your right leg while completing the roll back into more of a pull down. The bagua version is nice in that the entry can start immediately from “bridge” distance rather than from a clinch. The cross step seemed a little weird at first when they show it in form, but then it makes sense in the “application” as it closes the distance quickly. See where Karo says to twist his hips – the cross-step would happen right before and flow into that point. The entry also has more of that “winding” of bagua than just a quick rollback but it’s too hard to put into words and I don’t see a video description online. Very nice smooth throw with or without gi, in randori, push hands, mma, or self-defense. Unfortunately I haven’t pulled this entry off in judo as my partners have been keeping their hands close to their chests like t-rexes.