I am trying to learn to apply taijiquan’s ”diagonal flying”, especially as a sort of modified tani otoshi for judo. Found similar applications in these bagua videos:

I think it is cleaner and more “effortless” than the standard tani otoshi variations that I nevertheless find very handy:

tani otoshi example – nice flow into ground work depending on whether that’s desirable.

Here is another Judo example:

This one illustrates some diagonal flying in the beginning:

I love how the camera operator says “this taichi shit is no joke!”.

I am not sure what the baguazhang move is called. I am finding the move is extremely simple to learn but finding entries can be difficult for me at present. Update – Sept. 18, 2007 – am finding some initial success with this move now. The trick is that I’ve stopped worrying about capturing one arm. As long as it’s out of the way enough to get my diagonal flying arm in, that seems to be the main thing. Getting my foot behind can still be tricky so I am wondering if I can turn it into press at that point.